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Participant Exhibition PEACE

All pictures: © Bea Kusovszky

Tsolmonbat Enkhbat


2008                   Art skill, Scholarship of         Radnaabazar Foundation

2005                   Guest artist at the residency,         Bucheon, South Korea

2001                   Painting, BA, National University         of Arts and Culture    


Solo Exhibitions:

2016                   EXHIBITION-2016, UB Art Gallery, Mongolia

2016                   Summer, UMA Gallery, Mongolia

2015                   Autumn, Best Art Gallery, Mongolia

2013                   The place for nomads, Union of Mongolian Artists (UMA) Gallery

2010                   Dialogue between colors, UMA Gallery, Mongolia

2006                   Dot dot and comma, Chinggis Art Gallery, Mongolia

Collective Exhibitions:

2017                   Mongolian and Korean artists, Modern Art Gallery, Mongolia

2005-2016           Autumn, annual exhibitions, UMA Gallery, Mongolia

2004-2015           Spring, annual exhibitions, UMA Gallery, Mongolia

2015                   Beautiful season, Tsagaan Darium Art Gallery, Mongolia

2013                   Studio, Dunjingarav Palace, Mongolia

2012                   The 5th Beijing Biennale, National Art Museum of China, China

2006                   Mongolian wind, Private Gallery, France

2005                   World comic book conference, South Korea

2004-2005           Best artworks, annual exhibitions, UMA Gallery, Mongolia

2004                   Mongolian mix, Modern Art Gallery, Mongolia

2004                   Mongolian ladies, Zanabazar Fine Art Museum, Mongolia

2001                   Beauty of Mongolia, UMA Gallery, Mongolia 

Work Experience:

2011-                   Consultant, City Art Space organization, Mongolia  

2003-                   Board member, Mongolian National Circus Federation, Mongolia

2002-                   Member, Union of Mongolian Artists, Mongolia

2012                    Chief painter, Mongolian history (12 series) book  

2011                    Chief painter and consultant, Medals of Asian Champions of Olympic Games project,            Modern Art Gallery of Mongolia

2002-2010            Chief painter, National Circus of Mongolia

2009-2010            Chief painter, Asa Group by Asashoryu Akinori, former Sumo wrestler

2008                    General painter, Ministry of Foreign Communications, Mongolia

2004-2006            Consultant painter, National Ensemble of Military, Mongolia

2001-2002            Teacher in painting, Institute of Arts, Mongolia 

Awards and Honours:

2016                   Best Artist of the year, UB Art Gallery, Mongolia

2010                   Best cultural worker, Mongolian Government, Mongolia

2004                   Grandprix, Wonder of Mongolian women exhibition, Mongolia

2004                   Best employee, Mongolian Art Federation, Mongolia   

About Enkhbat TSOLMONBAT and his work

When he wakes up and opens his eyes the first thing he sees is a lot of books neatly stacked in a row. No matter where you look, up or down or to the sides, there are books everywhere only. His mother works in the library, therefore she always takes her little son with her to her work, because there is no one to leave the child behind with. There is a bed for her son right among the bookshelves. Enkhbat Tsolmonbat thus grew up among books where he created his own world. Walls of bookshelves are decorated with beautiful covers of books with pictures, and he grew to know well which shelves held the thickest books; he likes to leaf through the book and view pictures and then tries to draw them. He spent his childhood among the numerous books. In one word, his childhood was spent in the world of books, in silence among the various tales and legends. There is a saying that if a person grew up without fairy tales, he grew up as an orphan. Tsolmonbat grew up in the world of fairy tales. On painted pages of various books he found beautiful pictures and treated them with great pleasure and diligently tried to draw them by himself without even noticing the love he had for drawing.

In 1996, when he had graduated the Secondary School he became a student at the Fine Art Institute. It was nice and pleasant experience for him to draw what came to his mind drawing his inspiration from his fantasies. Student-years flew by in a flash and he had successfully graduated the Institute. In order to create his art work he started to work as an artist at the Circus of Mongolia. It was his first step of his employment. Here he had a large art room, where he made sketches of the scenes, dressing room to the circus performers, poster presentations boards, which alternated from day to day and at the same time he had worked hard on his creativity; and these moments of his creative work were spent in complete silence, as if in his childhood.

For some of his large-scale drawings he spent a lot of time creating them. He meticulously studied and was interested in any kind of modern, traditional, historical or Mongol zurag styles. After graduating the Art School he wanted to learn more deeply and continue his education. The classical techniques and impressionist color paintings attracted which opened a new door for him to read the philosophical books to find his “I” and strengthened his desire to recognize the world. As more he read and learnt the brilliant ideas of modem art composition, decision and performance are born which gave him new inspiration. The expression of it is his two independent exhibitions and his regular participation in the international joint exhibitions. In 2004, he was a member-artist of the UMA; in 2005 he had taken part in the Exhibition of the World Artists of the book held in South Korea. In 2010, he parted from his Circus work and made a decision to further spend all his time for his creative work and painting. Since that time he has opened his wings to the world of independent artists. During his employment in the Circus for over 10 years he accumulated rich experience, beginning from his art tools, brushes to his art work treasurer.

That little boy who turned the pages of books with pictures became a true artist.

In 2012, the painting “Life circuits” was drawn when he worked at the Circus, was displayed at the 5 Beijing Art. He was part of the Exhibition of the “World’s Best 1000 Art Works” where artists from over 80 countries had participated at which he had a great success. He elegantly combines common geometric shapes with real images, which are combined as design procurement, modern free technique that without a doubt attract immediate attention of others.

Tsolmonbat widely chooses double entry, bright colors; sharp design, which are soaked with hard work of the author; the inner philosophy and deeply sharp selections are all closely combined with each other as seen from its unity.

When he wakes up and opens his eyes the first thing he sees is a lot of books neatly stacked one in a row. No matter where you look, up or down or to the sides, there are books everywhere only. A world in which he grew up is filled with more inert beauty to transfer his ideas into his art.

Enkhbat Tsolmonbat is a native citizen of the capital city. But his views are full of national ornaments, lifestyle, where     each color has its own specifics to support each other from the rushing taste to hearing waterfall or throat singing melody. All these have their specific rhythm and their own proportionality.

His latest art works are outlined with their real images and external backgrounds, contents that expresses a thought of the contradictions which works and comes to a definite solution.

As a native child of the capital of the nomads the consciousness is an integral part of his art works. He lives bordering the line of nomadic and settled thinking of the packed social environment which represents his desired space and that moves him into the infinite space within his mind.

... He spent his childhood among the numerous books, in silence among the various tales and legends.