Hungary PEACE                                  


In the commemoration year 2018
In Vienna during Austria`s EU-chairmanchip


"One of the eternal truths is that happiness is created and developed in peace."   Bertha von Suttner (Austria),  Nobel Peace Price 1905 

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Hungary - Artists from Hungary & Austria present new works on the complex subject matter PEACE.

26th of October 2018
Duration Exhibition:

27th of Octover - 9th of November

Viski Károly Múzeum Kalocsa – City Gallery Kalocsa
HU - Kalocsa

Participating artists from Hungary & Austria
Zara Alexandrova, Timna Barci, Arang Choi, Naomi Devil, Annika Friedrich, Agnes Gazdag, Szusanna Geszelyi Nagy, Jana & JS, Bea Kusovsky, Sara Osgyani, Maximilian Otte, PEKS, Kati Verebics, Video Oner, Yun Wang, Agnes Zaskaliczky

Viski Károly Múzeum Kalocsa – City Gallery Kalocsa

"World War I was the most defining period of the 20th century. It was against 100 years ago that the nations fought against each other and finally signed a peace treaty that ended years of suffering and pointless bloodshed. It is important to make sure that upcoming generations don`t have to go through such horrors. We must raise the attention to the pointlessness of war and the importance of peace. This exhibition offers a great opportunity to do just that. It makes me happy that we can introduce the exhibition `Young Art for PEACE´ in Kalocsa as well." 
 Mácsainé Iván Éva,  Director City Gallery Kalocsa 

The exhibition PEACE will be held in Kalocsa, in one of the oldest towns of Hungary (founded 1001). It is one of the most typical regions of Hungary where Hungary`s famous paprika grows and traditional hungarian handcraft is produced. After a visit to the exhibit PEACE we recommend a visit to the Paprika Museum and to the Folklore Museum in Kalocsa.

© Bea Kusovszky  ©Naomi Devil