Past Exhibitions

Please find some past MOYA exhibitions in the following:

Graffity Wien

Realismus versus Realität 
Rumänien zur Zeit des Stalinismus

New Romantics
New Retroversive Aesthetic Tendencies in Young Austrian Ar

Young Art Hungary

7 Parallel 7  - Young Art Austria & Romania

Young Art Europe - 1989-2009: Europa 20 years after

Young Art Europe & Young Art Global

Exhibition 2005

Exhibition 2006

Exhibition 2007

Exhibition 2008

Exhibition 2009

Exhibition 2010

Exhibition 2011

Exhibition 2012

Exhibition 2013

Exhibition 2014

(Examples of Invitations):

UKIYO-E - Japanese Colour Woodcuts

Various Exhibitions and Art Projects during the participations in the
ORF Long Night of the Museums (Lange Nacht der Museen)

Young Art China

Young Japanese Landscapes

Young Art Philippines

Brazilian Art on Paper

The world trip of Chinese fine art prints

Painters from Sichuan

Naomi Devil

Adam Bota

Bernhard Buhmann & Gernot Petjak

Mervat Alameer

Stylianos Schicho

Fernando Reyes


Josephine Scianna

Feng Yuan

...and others.