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All pictures: ©NDZW



NDZW is a Polish illustrator and urban painter currently based in Vienna. Child of the 80's, born and raised in the city, shaped by the rough esthetics of the eastern block architecture and socialist-era cartoons and comic books. Later on became gradually exposed and
attracted to all kinds of manifestations of the more low brow and crude side of western culture – b class movies, tattoos, hardcore punk music with it's aesthetics and all other kinds of pulp imagery. Having processed these influences, in his current works he comes back to his roots, focusing on eastern folklore, spirituality in its modern shape and the heroic ethos. His style combines significant attention to detail and precise linework with bold color combinations.



18/02-04/03/2016 - Mehr als möglich, Oxymoron Galerie, Vienna

06-28/05/2016 - STUFF, Oxymoron Galerie, Vienna

14-30/07/2016 - Sommerfrische, Popupzentrale, Vienna