Karin Frank, Kolja Kramer, 2004, wood, 33 cm

Founder MOYA - Kolja KramerKolja Kramer 

The MOYA-Museum of Young Art was founded by the art historian Dr. Kolja Kramer. He ran the museum as owner and managing director. Educated at Vienna & Berne University Kolja Kramer added further studies at Sotheby`s and gained also practical experience in the Coins & Medals Dptm. and Prints Dptm. Sotheby`s London. 

He finished his Studies at Berne University with the Lizentiat, the swiss Magister. After having worked for Sotheby`s at the largest house in the history of Sotheby`s, the sale of the margraves of Baden in Baden-Baden, he went back to University in order to write his PHD in history of art. His thesis concentrated on how the art market and PR influenced the spreading of french impressionism via Berlin to Vienna. An extract of the thesis is given in his article in the Austrian Magazin Belvedere (Belvedere. Zeitschrift für bildende Kunst 7 (2/2001) 48-65, 101-112). Kolja Kramer also studied Philosophy and concentrated on Plato and Kung Fu Tse.

After having spent some time in the real estate business, selling castles and manors in the french Champagne Kolja Kramer founded art position in 2000, the well known annual overview of Young Art in Vienna. The exhibition  took place in the Ottakringer Brewery Vienna from 2001-2005. It presented 250-300 artworks by 70-80 artist every year. Catalogues were published and later he co-edited a book on Painting in Austria at the beginning of the 3rd Millennium presenting a large number of influential and important young painters in Austria. Kolja Kramer was also chosen as expert in the Jury for the Format-Art-Ranking.

As influential art manager Kolja Kramer developed the association art position to the private limited company art position and added a gallery to the business. The art management activities and success grew constantly, therefore the undertakings led to the foundation of his private museum, the MOYA-Museum of Young Art.

In the MOYA Kolja Kramer was not only representing the house but also always an active and hands on director leading the teams and different divisions and activities especially of PR & Marketing, International & Diplomatic Relations, Client Service, Events, Finances etc. and lived his passion for art and putting it into the context of history of art. By having installed his business system he had realised that the entirely private museum MOYA has always been able to remain independent from public subsidies.

Kolja Kramer was finally very pleased that due to his business system and success he was able to support Young Art and artists by having made it possible to forward always 100% to the artists and galleries in case of acquisitions of artworks. He has received the Flame of Peace Honor given by members of the Habsburg family.

Beyond art Kolja Kramer, from a swiss, german and austrian-hungarian family, grandson of missionaries in China, from a family of architects and musicians, loves architecture, travelling, watersports and the sea, innovations, music and playing the cello, Humanism and writing on his novel. And most of it all - spending time with his family & friends.

Nina Andersen, 15.6.2014

Dr. Kolja Kramer zu Friedensengagement: 



Picture above: Karin Frank, Kolja Kramer, 2004, wood, 33 cm