Artists PEACE

Participating Artists in the Exhibition PEACE
70 Artists from Vienna and international artists present new works on the subject matter peace


Complete List of participating artists will be communicated
after 30.4.2018.
Due to the daily growing list of engaged artists in this project please understand 
that the list of participants can not be completed currently. The completion will
take place as communicated after 30.4.2018.


We welcome also numerous new promising young talents from the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, from the Dptm. Figurative Painting (Prof. Kirsi Mikkola) Dptm. Expanded Pictorial Space (Prof. Daniel Richter) and Dptm. Graphic Arts (Prof. Christian Schwarzwald). Many will finish their academic education in 2018/19. Thanks for the engagement.

Zara Alexandrova

Pourea Alimirzaee

Alaa Asharabi  

Alexandra Barth

Arang Choi 

Naomi Devil

Ina Ebenberger

Annika Friedrich

Agnes Gazdag   

Batchimeg Gungaa

Marc Henry

Donya Hosseini

Liu Cheng Hua

Sigmund Hutter

Florine Imo 

Kevin Klamminger 

Fabian Köttl

Konstantin Kostov

Patrícia Koyšová

Enck-Orshigh Kurlee

Super Fresh Max

Maximilian Mucha 

Christian Murzek 

Lisa Obereder

Sara Osgyanyi 

Marta Rayhel 

Paul Robas 

Jeremias Rumpl

Aliya Shagieva 

Erik Šille 

Jana Stoycheva

Agnes Toth 

Barbara Tunkowitsch 

Mickey Universe 

Kati Verebics

Melissa Yap 

Agnes Zaskaliczky

List will be completed after 30.4.2018